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ONE TOUCH FACILITIES MANAGEMENT started its operation in Dubai in 2007, where it is still headquartered. The firm provides a spectrum of property related services that few organizations can match. The company has taken a conscious decision to augment its niche by offering services in the purview of PROPERTY MANAGEMENT to developers and corporate houses of repute.
Propery Management Defined

“The integrated control of all facility related services within an organization, supporting clients with adequate space, resources, services and protection, based on productivity and cost management.”

Propery Management Defined

The professional management of buildings in Dubai is becoming more important as a result of the landowners now placing an emphasis on the rental returns from their properties through occupants seeking environment and services that satisfy the welfare of resident / employees. In the past, when capital value appreciation was the main priority and where a high proportion of that value was vested in the land, management services played and insignificant role. Discerning and more value conscious clients, however, have tremendously changed the priorities of landlords and developers. Property management is now seen as an important ingredient in the investment success of a real property holding. Providing exemplary solutions in day-today maintenance of properties, while being in congruence to the client’s objective of maximizing returns is our aim.

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